The challenge for pharmacies and health clinics

Currently there are many software tools, that allow the internal management of a pharmacy or health clinic. However, none of these applications allow a pharmacy or health clinic to manage or optimize their relationships with external partners, wheter customers,  delegates, laboratory representatives, tax advices or even other business.

On November 9, 2013 a royal decree regulating online sales for the pharmaceutical sector is published. Clearly we are on the threshold of a new era of competition in the pharmaceutical and in the health sector in general.

Medical centers, physiotherapists, dental clinics, psychological and mental health centers, orthopedics, pharmacies, drugstores, laboratories. If your business is related to health, Farmasolution is the tool you need.

What does Farmasolution do?

Reduce time management and communication with external partners such as trade relations with laboratories and sending invoices at the end of each quarter to the advice.

Achieve our customer loyalty, by giving additional services such as health-related publications or publishing out events schedule.

Establishing a new online sales channel and promotion of products / services permitted by the current legislation.

Farmasolution stores all information in the cloud, making it accessible from any mobile or computer where you will log in with the password. The pharmacy will not need to have a server hosted in its facilities to maintain this service.

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6 Reasons to work with Farmasolution


Benefits for the customer

Tools and facilities for your customers. Website, online store and health blog.


Associated and wholesales

Browse products, online shopping and order processing with special conditions. Invoicing.


Services for the delegate

Benefits for delegates and laboratories who want to visit you. They may request an appointment online and you will manage your hours available.


Services for the clinic

Appointments. Agenda. Patients. Treatments. Human resources. Vacations and absences. Invoicing. Alerts. Intranet chat.


Services for the chemist's

Warehouse management. Products and services. Appointments managemetn. Customers. Suppliers. Blog management. Online shop. Retail and wholesale. Social networks.


Custom services

Automatically send invoices to the tax advice, APPs for urgent orders and much more.