Specialists in software for health sector

Specialists in software for health sector

Our team is specialized in consulting and software development for the health sector. Our solutions have been installed and are currently operating in various places, allowing us to meet the real needs of companies in the sector and offer the best solutions to problems regarding the management, sales and marketing in the day-to-day business.
  • Medical centers: physical therapists, massage therapists, dental clinics, psychological and mental health centers, hearing centers, optical.
  • Health establishments: orthopedics, pharmacies and laboratories.
  • Veterinary clinics.

Optimization of resources and procedure improvements

Farmasolution integrates all the steps that your business needs, optimizing the use of their time:
  • Management of appointments. Reduce the use of the telephone and ask customers and business laboratory requesting an appointment through the web.
  • Calendar management. Forget paper and manage schedules and appointments from its center.
  • Customer and supplier management. Centralize all information in a single database, where you can design tailored to each customer’s profile campaigns.
  • Stakeholders management. Collaborations and agreements with other institutions, veterinary clinics, pharmacie, orthopedics, medical centers and other businesses.
  • Invoicing. Allowing digitize and automate the process of sending the invoices collected to the asseosr in each month.

Marketing and customer loyalty

We offer services designed to improve our marketing campaigns designed to attract and retain customers:

  • Professional website. Our guests can easily reach us through the Internet.
  • Blog health publications and events organized in our hotel.
  • Posting on social networks. In order to retain our customers and expand our network of followers. Let us advise on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and G +.
  • Online store with showcase products and offers, both wholesalers and retailers.
  • Online dating requests.