Do you know the latest at online management for your clinic?

Do you know the latest at online management for your clinic?

Nowadays, almost all clinics use a management program to manage their business data and automatize some processes. The problem comes when these management programs are not adapted to the particular needs of the clinic, or when they are too generic, complicated or even old.

It often happens that these programs can’t access to the information beyond the computer or the local network that it is installed, preventing the access to our database from Tablets or Smartphones for example, outside the establishment.

On many occasions we even have to pay for install the program on various computers. Have we thought about what could happen to the stored data if the computer where the program is, result damaged by a virus or any other accident?

Farmasolution solves all these problems, giving as solution a management program stored in the cloud, with protected access from any device, without installation and integrated with their website. The advantages are enormous:


  1. No installation required. Management software in the cloud can have unlimited number of computers, or users. The change to this kind of software is simple, safe and without any loss of information.
  2. Access to data from any device. The protected online Access allows access from any computer, Tablet or smartphone wherever.
  3. Data Protection Act. Safer information. Being in the cloud, means that there is no risk of data loss. Different situation than if the program that is installed on a computer.
  4. Software adapted to your clinic. Forget learning how works the management program that they recommend you. Farmasolution is an online tool that fits your business. And not on the other way. Appointment management, invoice management, patients, sending automated reminders, accounting, etc.


Cloud management is the logical step that health clinics are giving into a more competitive and secure model.

Dental clinics, Physiotherapy, aesthetic clinics, veterinary clinics, orthopaedics, podiatrists, pharmacies, drugstores and laboratories. The new management software is adapted to the way of work of any business in health sector, fully customizing the program to make the manage simple and productive.